1960 Ford Frontenac

1960 Ford Frontenac“Canadians will find in the Frontenac a six passenger automobile offering significant operating economies and increased handling ease without sacrifice of style, passenger comfort or convenience.”
It will be powered by a modern design, short stroke six cylinder engine producing 90 horsepower.
Gas mileage for the Frontenac will be superior to any conventional North American-type passenger cars now being produced. Latest company continent-wide road tests of pilot models have revealed an average gas mileage of 32 miles per Imperial gallon. These tests represent a combination of city and highway driving in which the driving habits of the average driver has been simulated as closely as possible. At constant highway speeds the tests showed a better than 32 miles per gallon average, while constant stop and start city driving resulted in a slightly lower average.
The Frontenac is equipped with 13-inch wheels, a 12-volt electrical system, parallel operating windshield wipers which eliminate “blind spots” in the centre of the windshield, a luggage compartment with 24.5 cubic feet of space (20 per cent more than the average for the most popular imported cars), a deep-dish safety steering wheel, standard-car size instruments and controls and seat covering resistant to scuffing, tearing, staining and dirt penetration.

(From the Alberta Automotive Retailing News, November, 1959)

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1960 Ford Frontenac Brochure