Dodge Trucks in Southern British Columbia

fargosNestled in the south Similkameen Valley, somewhere near Cawston, B.C. we came across a cache of Dodges and their Canadian cousins: Fargo. Export Dodge trucks were sold as Fargo; in Canada, these were very similar to the U.S. models.  Overseas, at various times, the Fargo name adorned some very different vehicles, including some that weren’t Mopars at all (like Turkish Fargo).

IMG_7553Dodge trucks were common in Canada, too, being sold there in addition to Fargos as well as coming across the border in southern B.C. This one is the 1939-47 style – it’s a pre-war model, judging from the design of the center chrome part of the grille, which was wider at the bottom in post-war models.

1941 Dodge Truck Ad-02

1941 Dodge Truck Advertisement

The Dodge Power-Wagon was derived from military 4X4′s produced by Dodge for the U.S. Army, and for export to China during the war. These guys look like earlier examples, possibly late 1940s vintage.


1949 Dodge Power Wagon-01

1949 Dodge Power Wagon Brochure

038Further along in our journey, near Kaslo, B.C., we came across this 1955 (?) Dodge set up with a drilling rig. Back then the Dodge and Fargo trucks came in 1/2 ton to 2-3/4 ton sizes similar styling. We’re lucky enough to have a selection of these in brochure form on the Old Car Manual Project site. Note that the 6-cylinder trucks in this series used the globe emblem on the front of the hood, while the V-8 trucks shouted out with a big V-8 badge.

1955 Dodge 1½ ton Model G-01

1955 Dodge Truck Brochures