Speed Wagons and More at Auction

IMG_8423If you happen to be in the northwestern  Canadian prairies on the weekend of Saturday and Sunday, August 16th and 17th, 2014, you might stop by Spruce Grove, Alberta for a couple of auctions of restored, unrestored, project and parts cars – over 750 in total.

One of them is this 1949 REO Speed Wagon. Starting in  1936, REO – named for its founder Ransom Eli Olds – built only trucks. REOs were distinguished by their art deco style, especially prominent in the post war models.

1949 REO Speed Wagon instrument cluster, centrally mounted in the dash.

1949 REO Speed Wagon instrument cluster, centrally mounted in the dash.

This one still bears the name of it’s proud owner on the doors. You can’t see it in these pictures, but traces of the original, elaborate pin-striping still adorn the wooden stake sides.

IMG_8435As well as this eminently restorable classic truck, there’s a 1929 REO Speed Wagon Coca Cola truck, a 1947 International KB-2 Flat Deck, 1949 Dodge 1 ton and many more. Details are on the auction website here.












More pictures can be seen on our Facebook page.

Update: now in the news






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