Tuning up classic cars and carburetors

Motor Tune-Up and Carburetor ManualThe old “Hygrade Motor and Tune Up and Carburetor Manual” is required reading for anyone who owns or services mid-1950’s or older cars with one or two barrel carburetors.

It covers the classic ways of tuning up the cars using simple tools and delves into the details of the typical Carter, Stromberg and Zenith one and two barrel carburetors of the day.

Some of the topics include:

  • How to use a vacuum gauge, including for setting ignition timing
  • Use of a compression gauge
  • Testing the ignition circuit

Also, it has practical advice on setting up Buick Compound Carburetion, the quirky dual two-barrel set up used on the Buick straight-eight.

Find the full text here: http://carbkitsource.com/carbs/tech/articles/TuneUp/CarburetorTuneUp01.html

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