The Perfect Vehicle

Perfection with respect to any type of object must be relative. ‘The perfect vehicle’, ‘the perfect woman’, ‘the perfect… ???’ – clearly, it’s a function of the observer and the purpose for which the thing is intended. ‘The perfect woman’ differs whether you’re out with the boys or talking to Mother.

So it is with cars.

For every category, narrow or broad, there is an optimal design – as close to perfect as you can get in this world.

An example: My 1978 GMC Suburban, described by the General himself as the uber-wagon.

This beast features a 454 CID motor, 12,500 GAVWR (about 7000 lbs towing capacity fully loaded), cloth seats and air conditioning. As a station wagon, intended for comfortable cruising and towing boats to the lake, I cannot imagine a vehicle more suitable. It’s durable, it’s powerful, it drives comfortably… it’s perfect!

originally posted January 23, 2007