New on The Old Car Manual Project – Week of Jan 28, 2007

1952 Buick brochure

Front and Center for 1952 – BUICK

This is a short brochure for the last year when all Buicks featured the venerable straight-8 powerplant.  Next year, only the base series 40 retained the smaller 263 CID straight 8.  The big 320 was last seen in the Series 70 Roadmaster of ‘52.

Did you know that Flxible buses used straight-8 Buick motors before switching to diesel?  I discovered this when I was given a Stromberg AA carburetor from a ‘41 Flxible to restore.  See for more of my carburetor exploits.
Also this week, I have added a couple more carburetor manuals, for the little Carter RBS 1-barrel and the ubiquitous Ford-Autolite 2100 2-barrel.