Sterling Dump Truck

The original Sterling truck company – no relation to the current Sterling subsidiary of Daimler Trucks – built heavy trucks until 1950. The company was originally founded in 1907 by William Sternberg as the Sternberg Company. Because of anti-German feelings surrounding the Great War, it was renamed Sterling in 1916.  Sterling Motors Corporation of Milwaukee, Wisconsin was bought by White in 1951; the operation then moved to Cleveland (the home of White) in 1952. Sterling-White trucks were built there until 1953 when the name was retired.

Warren Richardson owns this one and told us a bit about it:

This truck was built in 1950 and was sold new to the Vincent Barletta Co., in Roslindale, MA.  Barletta was one of the major contractors in the construction of the Southeast Expressway through Boston in the early ‘50’s.  As I understand it DeMatteo and Boston Sand & Gravel who also ran Sterling’s, were fellow contractors on this major construction job.  Later in its commercial life this truck was operated by Alfred Vosella. In “retirement” it has been owned by Francis Walsh, Ed Andres and Byron Fishel during which time it was in Canada and Pennsylvania among other places.  Today it is owned by Ken Ochenkowski and me and it is housed in southern CT.

This one is a Sterling Model HB2002 Dump, S/N 20002HB646. It’s currently powered by a Waukesha 145GK 779 cubic inch 6 cylinder. This engine came from a Roto Wing Manufacturing unit, about 1947 vintage, but it’s similar to the original that the truck was built with.  The 145GK was a large gasoline engine with a 5 1/4″ bore and 6″ stroke using a single large Zenith 63AW14 updraft carburetor.  Parts for these carburetors are available here. The engine was built until the early 60s and was original equipment in a variety of vehicles and machines including American Hoist & Crane, Bay City, Berger, Hahn, P&H, Kenworth and Peterbilt.