Monarch and Meteor

(originally posted 2 July  2010; recovered from 17 May 2013)

1949 Monarch

I came across this 1949 Monarch at the Lethbridge, Alberta Early Bird Swap Meet last February.

In the 1949 model year, Lincoln-Mercury dealers in Canada got the Meteor – a 114″ wheelbase Ford badged as a Mercury, but retaining the Ford 100 HP 239 V-8 – while the Ford dealers got the Monarch.

The Monarch rode on the Mercury 118″ wheelbase and used the Mercury drivetrain.  It’s easily spotted here where you can see the Holley Model 885 carburetor of the ‘49 Mercury engine, with it’s unusual rear-facing horizontal air intake.

1949 Monarch engine compartment showing Holley 1901 carburetor

Ford models used the Model 2100, commonly called the ‘94′ because of the venturi size in inches usually cast into the main body.

There’s more on Canadian Mercurys including the Mercury truck, with pictures,  here1949  Monarch rear view

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